Different ways to setup EKS cluster:

  1. aws console


  1. aws account with admin privilages

Step by step procedure

  1. Create IAM role for EKS cluster.

1. Create IAM role for EKS cluster.

Go to IAM, create role, choose EKS, then EKS-Cluster case, add policy AmazonEKSClusterPolicy

What is ECR ?

Basically ECR is used as a image registry in AWS. How we store images in DockerHub and uses according to our requirements. Same thing ECR does in AWS. It is easy to store, manage, share, and deploy your container images and artifacts anywhere. You need to set your username and password in it.


  1. Create the EC2 instance with docker installed.

What is Bastion Host ?

A Bastion host is a special-purpose server or an instance that is used to configure to work against the attacks or threats. It is also known as the ‘jump box’ that acts like a proxy server and allows the client machines to connect to the remote server. It is basically a gateway between the private subnet and the internet. It allows the user to connect private network from an external network and act as proxy to other instances.

» Bastion Hosts are instances that sit within your public subnet and are typically accessed using SSH or RDP.

» Once remote…

One of the typical challenge when working with ec2 is handling of many key pairs during the login time. When you have important data in your instance, you don’t wanna loose them incase of key pair lost. But it happens accidentally.

In this guide we will see how you can recover your lost key pair without losing any data.

Note : My AMI is Amazon Linux2 in this case, for other AMI’s you have to change the mounting strategy a little bit. Steps are at bottom. All other steps are same.


  1. First of all launch a new ec2 instance in…

Prasanna Nayak

AWS Architect and DevOps Engineer

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